Web Store 2.1.3

It’s exciting to see the updates for Web Store as they are much more frequent then they used to be. With the release of the new features such as promo codes and tiered shipping… and then the opening of the locked code… it’s great to see Web Store getting as much attention as LightSpeed.

One of the common complaints that I used to hear was that Xsilva always seemed to focus on fancy new features instead of perfecting the one that they had. This has certainly changed in the past year and this update, while it doesn’t seem to have any cool new features, it does address a number of critical issues and it’s great to see them cleaned up.

Here’s what Web Store 2.1.3 fixes…

  • Checkout
    • Improved checks for duplicate Web Order numbers being assigned during processing
  • Email
    • Corrected an issue where receipts would have an improperly formatted date in the email header
    • Addressed an issue where the From address would not be set properly
  • General
    • Added a missing configuration item to allow more than 64 products in a product slider
    • Improved session handling to avoid slow performance on Web Stores with heavy traffic
  • Payments
    • Promo codes are now removed from a cart when a minimum cart value is no longer met by customer deleting items
    • Improved promo code filtering for Family, Class and Web Keywords
  • Templates
    • Fixed an issue where empty categories may be displayed even when set to be hidden
    • Resolved an issue where customers would be shown a blank page when logging out
  • Wish List
    • Corrected an issue where Wish List purchases would not be marked as purchased

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