Web Store 2.1

Web Store 2.1 was released today. This is a significant update to Web Store and adds some much requested features and fixes.

Among the new features and improvements are the correction for the known uploader issue which would skip certain products when uploading, as well as the hanging progress bar during a manual Update Store process.

New 2.1 features include:

  • Promo Codes: Also known as Coupon Codes, you can distribute codes which apply discounts to orders on WebStore. Codes have an effective start and stop date, can discount by percentage or dollar values, and they can include restrictions such as thresholds (i.e. only good over $50) or apply to certain product codes.
  • Tier-based shipping: Provide shipping prices based on cart value brackets (between $0-$49.99, between $50-$99.99, etc.)
  • Free shipping: Easily set free shipping with optional threshold
  • Advanced Search: Narrow down your search to a price range or within a specific category
  • Many general performance improvements
  • Open Source — The Zend Optimizer has been removed and all files are open and available. Many in-line comments have been added to the source code to help developers.

I know at least one guy that is likely doing his ‘happy dance’ today with the announcement that the source code in Web Store will no longer be encrypted.

I’ll be installing this update on my own store first before I offer to help any clients with theirs. Stay tuned.

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