Web Store 2.5.1

LightSpeed quietly released version 2.5.1 of it’s Web Store e-commerce module recently and although the list is small, this may have been the ‘point-one’ update some of you were waiting for before making the leap to their new 2.5 web store system.

2.5 comes with many improvements from Google Shopping and social media links to an improved default template that scales down for mobile browsers. Early adopters may have experienced problems with the installer or noticed that some features didn’t work as advertised but this update seems to have caught many if not all of them.

Here are the official release notes from LightSpeed’s website but if you need any help upgrading your site, just contact us.

  • Admin Panel
    • Corrected a labeling issue with certain product photo width/height fields in Admin Panel
    • Resolved an issue where the paginator would not display properly on some screens
    • Resolved a layout error in promo code restrictions which caused on-screen help to be partially hidden
  • General
    • Corrected an issue where non-current products may display on the home page
    • Addressed an issue where quantity discounts would not be applied for users logged in to Web Store
    • Corrected an issue where some carts may not be properly restored on customer login
    • Cart subtotal now properly recalculates when out-of-stock products are automatically removed from cart
  • Installer
    • Added a verification to ensure verify session.use_cookies is turned on in php.ini
    • Photo migration now properly converts database-stored images to files during installation
    • Changed installer to properly detect a PHP 5.4 environment which is currently not supported
    • Corrected an issue where not having Short Tags=On in the php.ini could make install fail
    • Resolved an issue where an incomplete Free Shipping configuration could cause a failure during the database upgrade process
    • Resolved an issue where upgrading a Web Store 2.1.7 installation may incorrectly set RewriteBase in .htaccess
    • Improved performance in database migration for large databases and servers with latency
    • New installations now display size/color matrix product pricing in a range format by default
  • Shipping
    • Corrected an issue where turning on restricting shipping would ignore countries using the ‘Any State’ designation
    • Adding a disqualifying item to the cart now properly removes a previously applied discount for free shipping
    • Corrected an issue that caused tier-based shipping to always return an error
    • Improved handling a USPS account name with extended characters to avoid white screen in the admin panel
  • Templates
    • Corrected an issue where using a slash (/) character in a sidebar name would cause Web Store to load as a blank page
    • Changed behaviour of ‘slashed’ prices to not display if a product’s web price is higher than original price
    • Solved an issue where slashed prices would always show in Web Stores configured as tax-inclusive
    • Corrected a duplicate DIV id HTML tag in the Brooklyn template set
  • Uploader
    • Improved photo uploading error handling in certain hosting environments
    • Resolved a photo conflict when two different products have the same description.
  • XML
    • Google Shopping feed no longer improperly doubles the subfolder name in the product photo URL
    • Resolved an issue where XML feeds were not excluding non-current products