Web Store 2.5.2

Once again, LightSpeed has managed to release another exciting version of their Web Store while I’m 30,000 feet in the air with no access to the internet. (It’s like they wait until I’m away in hopes of sneaking it out without me noticing!)

While most of the fixes seem to be for cosmetic issues, there are a few jaw droppers. Web Store 2.5.2 addresses an issue where products with one quantity remaining may be removed from an order after payment was completed. This is potentially rather serious and, in my books, makes this update a necessity for many businesses. A fix for an issue which could cause shipping mark ups not to be calculated is another critical point that, if not resolved, could end up costing some Web Store owners a lot of money.

As always, if you require assistance upgrading your Web Store, just contact us for more info.

Here are the official release notes for your enjoyment…

  • Admin Panel
    • Corrected an issue where users would be redirected to the main Web Store page after adding a new custom page
    • Resolved a display issue where the Submit button would occasionally be hidden in promo code restrictions
    • Resolved an issue where the Edit button would appear truncated after clicking Cancel on some screens
  • General
    • Addressed an issue where products with one quantity remaining may be removed from an order after payment was completed
    • Using a URL to access a product that is not enabled to sell on the Web Store will now log the attempt in the system log
    • Solved an issue where updating an account with blank password fields would not retain current password
    • Payment errors and checkout validation errors now appear in the system log
    • Resolved an issue where Authorize.net Advanced Integration Method would not display the payment decline reason to customers
    • Resolved a display issue when using advanced search without a search term
    • Corrected an issue where URLs and image paths may fail when descriptions only contain Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean or Cyrillic characters
    • Resolved an issue where quotation marks in a product code would cause truncated URLs
    • Corrected an issue where slashed price would show the tax-exclusive price for original price even in tax-inclusive mode
    • Fixed a rare issue where certain product thumbnails would appear blank
    • Corrected a template error when using advanced search without a Start Price value
    • Custom pages that have tabs set to not display no longer appear in the sitemap
  • Shipping
    • Delivery services for UPS, FedEx, USPS and Canada Post are now properly displayed on a downloaded Web Store order
    • Solved an issue where the markup cost was being improperly applied to Canada Post shipping
    • Corrected an issue with destination shipping where the “any country” wildcard would not calculate shipping
  • Templates
    • Fixed a display issue with the alignment of the Pinterest sharing button
    • Corrected a display issue in the Brooklyn template with a missing background when emailing a cart
    • All product fields are now available in the slider template to make customization easier
    • Fixed a CSS issue with the order lookup sidebar where the entry blank may be partially hidden
    • Resolved an issue where custom page text for the Contact Us form was not appearing above the entry blanks
    • Corrected an issue where slashed prices may erroneously show when the price range is set to show the lowest price
    • Correct a display issue in the Basic template where the cart total would not update while changing shipping options
    • Resolved an issue where the “Cannot Calculate Shipping Rates” error message would not disappear even after the error was resolved
    • Improved handling of quotation marks within meta descriptions and page titles
    • Resolved an issue with Facebook sharing where a missing Facebook AppID would cause a JavaScript error in Internet Explorer
  • Uploader
    • Adding an item with a blank description to a quote using the quote-to-cart feature no longer causes an error
    • Resolved an issue where the next available order ID would not be set when uploading previous history into a blank Web Store
  • XML
    • Corrected a rare issue where some image URLs could be rejected by Google Shopping