Xmas comes early for LightSpeed owners!

Ever wish that you had an extra user license for your LightSpeed system? Act fast and get 25% off a user upgrade!


Add a user license
Save 25%
It’s like an early Xmas present!



LightSpeed is on sale?!
That’s right. The folks at LightSpeed want to ease the pain of adding another user license to your system as we enter into the holiday season by offering a 25% discount on additional user upgrade orders.

Think about what you could do with another user license in your store. Set up a laptop as an additional terminal… or being able to login without first logging out on another computer… or logging in remotely to check on sales or run reports without holding up your busy front counter.
We’ll also give you $150 off a LightSpeed mobile hardware kit if you purchase before Nov 30th.

Equipping your staff with a handheld system let’s them queue up invoices before customers get to the counter which dramatically reduces line ups during busy periods.

Having more user licenses means having the freedom to be more effective with your LightSpeed system and getting 25% off your order is like an early xmas present.

This promotion only applies to the first 100 licenses sold. So contact our office today to get in on this great deal!